Gymnastics and Skating Apparel

Perfection In Performance

About Olympique 

Olympique is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dance Designs Ltd. We entered the manufacturing industry more than 20 years ago and we have extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture of leotards and other apparel commonly used for: dance, shows, festivals, gymnastics, skating dresses, and majorette sets, both for individuals and clubs. 

Our Mission

We aim to provide high-quality, comfortable and unique sportswear for ladies and girls of all ages. Not only that, but also to give you a boost of confidence and feel glamorous while performing your magic. 

Delivering high standards of customer service to our customers is essential to us. We have established a reputation as a customer focused company in niche markets; high-quality service and as such our team prides themselves on providing you with a first class customer experience which is second to none.

Our Products

Our garments are manufactured in our high-tech factory in Manchester. Customers can order with confidence that everything is made in the UK by our talented local cutting and sewing colleagues supported by a customer service department with a vast knowledge of our ranges. 

All of our products are uniquely designed in-house by our dedicated team of designers who have a wealth of experience in the industry which gives us opportunities to react quickly to market trends and develop new and innovative products for our customers.

We have expanded our product ranges in gymnastics, skating, and majorette garments to suit your requirements. We design our products for both the professional and the enthusiast in a fantastic choice of styles and vibrant materials.

Our Passion 

Our passion is your passion. Whether your sport is dance, majorettes, gymnastics, or ice skating, we understand there’s nothing more exhilarating than putting on your skates or leotard, getting stuck into a routine, and performing in local or international competitions. 

But of course, you want to look your very best in the spotlight while you do it! Our products are made to turn the heads and catch the eyes of the audience and judges. So with an Olympique garment on your back, you can do just that, and truly achieve “Perfection in Performance".