Why Go Sleeveless?

Typically, we know majorette dresses are a firm favourite for baton twirlers. However, the rise in cheerleaders across the UK has seen this stylish and athletic fashion choice become all the more popular! From university cheerleaders to private dance schools and everything in between.

While long sleeve majorette dresses are a popular choice, this doesn’t mean sleeves are for everyone! In fact, sleeves can feel too restricting for others. The absence of sleeves offer better freedom of movement. Some of us love having our arms bare and open, especially when you are twirling around and performing those impressive moves! Additionally, sleeveless dresses are far more comfortable to wear during warmer weather.

Discover Our Range of Sleeveless Majorette Dresses

At Olympique, we offer a stunning range of sleeveless majorette dresses in various materials, sizes, styles and colours. We manufacture our dresses using lycra, velvet, metallic and hologram materials. We chose these materials because they are smooth on the skin, breathable, moisture-wicking and offer a body-hugging fit. Our range is customisable, meaning we can alter the knee length to your liking and we can match the dress colour to your desired colour theme. 

There is nothing worse than a dress that is irritating around or under the arms while you perform. Have you ever experienced this common issue before? Well, with a sleeveless majorette dress from Olympique, you don't have to be worried about the material being tight or irritating under your arms, as our super stretchable materials and modern designs ensure that each of our dresses are made to move with your body and fit as comfortably as possible! Not only that, they also look quite flattering and stylish if we do say so ourselves!

For Rehearsals And Competitions

Whether you are twirling your baton at the front of a band, or part of a cheerleading team, you'll certainly be spending a lot of time rehearsing before competition day. So pick a few of our nice and comfortable sleeveless majorette dresses to wear while you get your practice in and ace that routine!

For competitions and championships, you will want to go for something special, a dress that goes the extra mile. Go for an eye-catching design or striking colours to really catch the attention of both judges and the audience. Who needs a spotlight when you are wearing one of our dresses!

Team Designs

If you are part of a club, team or dance school, don't be restricted to just the colours you see here! We offer a bespoke team design service to cater for all your team needs. We can design all of your dresses to match your club or team colours. From majorettes to poms, we can get you all set up and nicely matching, ready for your next performance. You can be sure that your squad will look confident and fabulous in our elegant and modest team designs!

For Sleeveless Majorette Dresses, Get In Touch With Us

If you’re looking for the perfect sleeveless majorette dress for yourself or your team, then get in touch with Olympique today by calling us.