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8 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gymnastics Leotard For Your Child

Posted on - 9th January 2024

If your child is taking gymnastic classes or just starting out, one piece of clothing that is necessary is a gymnastic leotard. Choosing the right gymnastics leotard for your child is not a one-size-fits-all situation. All children develop at their own paces, meaning their heights and body shapes can differ drastically. A gymnastics leotard is not just a type of sportswear, it can affect your child’s comfort, confidence, performance and overall gymnastics experience. 

Finding the right leotard for your child’s needs can take some trial and error. To make it as smooth and easy as possible for parents and guardians, we have written the following article, highlighting the 8 factors to consider when choosing a gymnastics leotard for your child. 

1) Purpose

If you’re not familiar with gymnastic leotards, there are generally two types: training and competition leotards. Training leotards focus on comfort and practicality, but may lack in glitz and glamour. On the other hand, competition leotards are designed to be more specific and fashionable while following dress code rules. We recommended having both competition and training leotards for these purposes.

2) Price

The number one thing most parents and guardians look at when shopping for gymnastics leotards is the price. We understand there is an ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK and the cost of your child’s gymnastic classes can add up very quickly, but there are ways of spending money wisely on a gymnastics leotard for your child. First, set a price limit to prevent overspending. Secondly, look out for special offers and sales. For instance, we often have a few items from our gymnastics range in our special offers. Nonetheless, we offer reasonable prices in our main range to suit all budgets. It’s not worth spending a sustainable amount of money on a gymnastics leotard for your child, only for them to grow out of it in 6 months time.

3) Fit & Size

The second thing parents and guardians tend to look at is the fit and sizing. It is vital to choose the right size for your child, as a poorly-fitted leotard can affect your child’s comfort and performance. We recommend taking your child’s measurements before purchasing a leotard. At Olympique, we have a wide range of sizes suitable for girls and ladies of all ages from size 24” to 40”. For your convenience, size charts are available on each product page of our website. As your child is growing, they may be in-between sizes and it’s worth considering going one size bigger, so they will have slightly more room to grow and so they have slightly longer wear time. For more information on our sizes, visit our size guide or contact us directly. 

4) Quality

While choosing the right size is vital for your child, the quality is also something to consider. At Olympique, our experienced team of designers use high-quality lycra, nylon, crushed velvet, printed metallic and hologram materials. A gymnastics leotard made from cheaper materials may be more friendly for your wallet, but it doesn’t win when it comes to quality and durability.

5) Colour & Design

Before purchasing a leotard for your child, it is important to have a colour or design in mind. If they are starting out in gymnastics, they may wish to wear a specific colour. When you have a look at our range, you will see we offer an excellent variety from simple and sophisticated to bold and vibrant colours to suit all personalities. Our metallic and ombre designs are made to catch the attention of judges and audiences as your child performs. If your child is part of a gymnastics team or club, they are generally required to wear the same colours or design as their teammates. Luckily, we also offer high-quality bespoke leotard team designs at Olympique.

6) Sleeve Length

Continuing on with design, one important aspect of the gymnastic leotard is the sleeve length. All leotards come with different sleeve lengths: sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves. While sleeve length depends on personal preferences, long-sleeved leotards are popular amongst children as they offer more warmth, arm coverage and protect the skin from rubbing against gymnastics equipment.

7) Accessories 

Accessories can add extra glam and glitz, completing any gymnastics look. For safety reasons, it is recommended for your child not to wear any jewellery including stud earrings (unless permitted) to gymnastics class or competitions. However, there is no reason why you should consider adding other accessories! At Olympique, most of our gymnastic leotards come with the option of adding a matching hair scrunchie. For example, our Atlantic Cerise/Black Sleeveless Gymnastic Leotard can be paired with a silver shine or cerise metallic hair scrunchie. Plus, a hair scrunchie is not just an accessory, it helps your child to keep their hair from falling into their face while performing. 

8) Maintenance & Care

Some gymnastic leotards are made from delicate materials, such as lycra and nylon, because of this, they have special washing instructions. It is essential to follow the washing instructions according to the care label. If one is not provided on the garment, they should be turned inside out and hand washed separately using a mild detergent and cold water. It is recommended not to use fabric softener, this can cause damage to the material fibres. We also do not recommend ironing or dry cleaning because this can cause discolouration, fading or damage any foil or embellishments.

Discover The Gymnastics Leotard Range From Olympique

Once you have considered the above 8 factors, you should have no problem with finding the right gymnastics leotard for your child. Where to begin shopping? Visit the Olympique website to discover our range of high performance and stylish gymnastics leotards for girls between the ages of 3 to 15 years and over. We offer next working day and standard UK delivery as well as worldwide. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us today.