Emerald and yellow skating dress

Yellow is a colour associated with joy and optimism. It’s a colour with a lot of energy behind it – one that inspires energy and brightness in those who wear it. When you wear it on the field of competition, you’ll shine brighter than the sun. And with the deep emerald accents, this figure skating dress is also evocative of nature. 

Because of this, our Emerald and Yellow Skating Dress is ideal for skaters looking for a leotard design which both draws intention to the athlete and implies naturality. To emphasise this naturality, the neck and sleeves of the dress have been edged in an emerald highlight. 

For added modesty, the Emerald and Yellow Skating Dress features a built-in nix.  

To compliment your look, why not pick up one of our Emerald or Flo Yellow + Green Foil scrunchies? You can find them in the menu below. 


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