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The Challenges of Gymnastics: Is It The Hardest Sport?

Posted on - 25th October 2023

Watching a professional gymnast perform looks graceful and elegant from the sideline or stand, however, there are many challenges a gymnast faces and must overcome in order to perform the best and reach their full potential. It takes great strength, flexibility and agility to demonstrate skill.

Here at Olympique, gymnastics is one of our favourite sports, but the real question is, is it the hardest sport? This is quite a debatable subject among athletes and amongst those who take an interest in sports. In this article, we will explore the biggest challenges of gymnastics and settle this debate once and for all!

1) Intense Training & Pressure 

Every sport requires training, but training for gymnastics is on a whole other level. Gymnasts need to be in their best shape, building and maintaining core and upper body muscles. This is achieved through intense training routines and strict diets. Research suggests professional gymnasts train from 20 to 40 hours per week, often sacrificing personal time and social interaction for their sport. Intense training and pressure can also lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and chronic stress.

2) Short Competitive Lifespan

Professional gymnasts tend to start their career when they are very young,sometimes they can start as young as 12. Some will argue that the younger you start, the higher you can succeed. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sport, gymnastics has a short competitive lifespan compared to other sports. This is because the human body becomes less flexible with age and the sport can place physical strain on the body overtime, this is why many professional gymnasts retire from competing earlier than they prefer to, sometimes in their mid twenties or thirties. 

3) High Injury Rate

Gymnastics is a scary sport and it has a high injury rate, there is no question about it. Doing a somersault on a balance beam is not for the faint-hearted. The smallest mistake during routine could result in a serious injury. While the high injury rate is enough to worry about, recovery and getting back into top shape can make or break a gymnast’s career.

4) Strict Scoring Systems 

All gymnasts will agree gymnastics is a hard sport because it requires absolute perfection in every aspect. Gymnastics has one of the strictest scoring systems in the sports world, making it difficult to achieve a very high score. The sport demands excellent form, precise execution and flawless skills. Mistakes or even the smallest imperfections can result in significant point deductions.

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To settle the debate, sport experts suggest gymnastics is one of the most challenging sports behind boxing, American football and ice hockey. While gymnasts have to face many unique challenges, there are more reasons why it is a much-loved sport across the world! 

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