Tokyo Silver/Blue Hologram Shine Sleeveless Gymnastic Leotard (052c)

Ideal for springtime and summer, the Tokyo Silver/Blue Hologram Shine Sleeveless Gymnastics Leotard features a wide variety of shades of blue, purples and creams – a colour combination that is evocative of both the early spring sky and the works of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. It’s the ideal gymnastics wear for the gymnast for whom gymnastics isn’t just a competition but a form of  artistic expression.

In the centre of the leotard is a large V design in two contrasting shades of green – a darker one and and a brighter, yellowish one. This design is ideal for drawing the crowd’s attention towards you. To complete the leotard, we have a number of scrunchies that would be ideal, including the  petrol shine, flo green shine, and silver/blue hologram shine.

  • Product Code: 052c
From: £30.00