Zoom Aqua Gymnastic Leotard

The sea is unpredictable. One second it is calm and gentle and elegant; the next moment, it roars with a power greater than thunder. 

The Zoom Aqua Gymnastic Leotard helps you to channel the spirit of the sea in your routines through its design. The light blue central strip is evocative of the ocean at its calmest and was chosen for its elegance when completing long and complex movements. The darker  blue strips at the top right and base left of the leotard are meant to signify the darker parts of the ocean – those unknown parts of  the world where strange creatures live. This section signifies the more uptempo, experimental parts of a routine. Separating them is a gorgeous strip of gold. 


To complete the look, purchase an aqua lycra or turquoise hologram scrunchy.

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From: £32.50